Gail is a very aggressive Attorney and she has gotten farther with our case in the last year than all the other Attorneys we’ve dealt with in the past 8 years. If you need an Attorney who is not afraid to stand up and fight for you then you NEED to contact Gail Silva. She will get things done for you!! And her office staff is Awesome, always friendly, always prompt with answers. She is a cheerful, welcoming person who makes your experience, however tough it might be, more bearable. They give you a comfort in knowing that Finally somebody is going to stand up and fight for what is right.
Dee Dee Schreibung
Gail Silva and Diane Barnes are the most honest, caring, and thoughtful professional place I’ve experienced. Gail Silva steers you in the right direction and represented me and went way above and beyond to help. The outstanding knowledge can’t be beat! Diane, Att Silva’s paralegal, is so patient and I was a pain with all my worries, when I shouldn’t have. The reassurance she always gave was always on key. Gail Silva too, dealing with that phone and emails from me and they were always answered. God Bless them. They will always be my angels. Thank you for all your precise and dedication. You never let me down.
I can’t say enough about the peace of mind that I was able to get with Mrs. Silva as my attorney. She is well prepared, knowledgeable, kind, and stays the course know matter how rough the road. Both Mrs. Silva and Diane have been key to helping me through a difficult time. Mrs. Silva is definitely the attorney you want at your side.
Shelby Pagan
Gail took over handing my post divorce issues. She was awesome and was successful in obtaining a positive verdict in all the motions she handled. I highly recommend her services for anyone looking for a family court attorney.
stephanie krolman
Mrs Gail Silva the list is long ,what a wonder person she is ,as mine lawyer she was on her game ,i knew every time she was working on my case that I did not have to worry about anything ,i knew her and her staff was always ready for court .having her and her staff on you team you can’t go wrong .I also can say that she my son and i guardian angel
edgard Collazo
I heard about Gail through word of mouth from multiple sources. The adjectives used were multiple and positive but most notable among them were: Tough (in the best way possible), Intelligent and The Best. I can sincerely say that everything i heard was accurate and true. Thanks to Gail and Diane, an absolutely lovely person that always made me believe that things would be OK, I confidently strode through a difficult situation that I could have never handled as astutely and confidently without them. As I stated in words in person, my sincerest and humblest thanks to Gail for her superb skill and service and to Diane for her professionalism, compassion and overall coolness!
Tahone Brumbaugh